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Real Estate Investing Masterminds Workshop with Jarek Bucholc

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Maureen Divinagracia

In-depth discussion of real estate investing questions/concerns with Canada Real Estate Investors Club Founder - Jarek Bucholc.

Covered topics

1. If your local area (Vancouver, BC) is too overpriced, with relatively low rents, to find good discount properties (wholesale, rental), what is the quickest way to choose an area to find deals in, to focus on? Search sites (for example, realtor.ca) to search by property type & discount parameters require a location to start. I need to get traction (get deals happening) quickly, & choosing "where" is the first hurdle. Some say start where you know people to assist (friends, family) with, for example, checking out properties, property management. Don't know people in other places.
2. Also, need to be doing deals using other people's money, & need to find buyers quickly. Best ways? A mentor has started me looking locally for buyers (craigslist, Vancouver) via chatting up landlords (tired landlords, or looking for more properties?), but my deals won't be local. So, is this an error? I've realized I've been *thinking* most found this way would be looking to buy local properties. Part of qualifying buyers, I guess, would be to ask where they are interested in buying. And, ideally, to have buyers interested in not just local properties. Input on how to find these?

3. How to do marketing to generate endless buyer and seller list?

4. Should we use real estate listing agent for rental properties?



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