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Canada REIC April Live Training Workshop & Networking Event

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Canada REIC  April Live Training Workshop & Networking Event


Shawn Shewchuk, Richard Moxley, Laura Sawatzky
From humble beginnings Shawn Shewchuk has overcome immense challenges, and in a very short amount of time has skyrocketed to being one of the most sought after speakers, coaches and wealth building authorities in the country. Shawn has successfully established, built and sold numerous successful companies in multiple and diverse verticals. From real estate and retail to assisting companies both large and small, even Fortune 500 companies. Shawn has the experience and continues to offer his unique and successful approaches around the world. Just a few short years ago, getting by was all Shawn was concerned about. Actually, all he was doing was getting by. He’d lost everything he’d worked for and owned, including his own home.

In just a few years, Shawn has achieved phenomenal and incredible results. Within just one year, he increased his income from $15,000 to over $100,000. He was able to do something that very few people have ever done. He developed an idea, created an action plan and proceeded to successfully execute the plan. In fact, he did so well so quickly that people took notice and started requesting his assistance. Today Shawn travels the world delivering the results that truly progressive companies and motivated individuals seek.

He attributes his remarkable success to just one factor; he had coaches and mentors. Experienced and successful teachers and guides that were able to give him the necessary ingredients and required accountability, that prepared and allowed him to be able to perform to extra-ordinary standards. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies have benefited from his vast knowledge and strategic approaches in branding, marketing, communications, processes, efficiencies and planning. Shawn collaborates to develop approaches that are congruent with the goals and visions of an individual, or leadership team within an organization.

Shawn is also the author of the transformational new book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Results” get your copy today at www.changeyourresults.com. In addition, Shawn has spent three years researching and developing The Power of A™-Strategic Accountability system. The Power of A™-Strategic Accountability program is a Mentorship and Coaching system that has received rave reviews, and is unlike anything else ever developed, or that is available today. This program has been described as “Extra-Ordinary.”

Even though his success and business continues to grow, Shawn enjoys spending the majority of his time teaching and coaching with the amazing people he is fortunate enough to work with, from around the world.

Shawn’s students get RESULTS! The companies and organizations that Shawn partners with increase revenue and profitably, they get RESULTS! Shawn’s entire life is dedicated to the achievement of the goals and objectives of those he works with. In fact, every component of The Shewchuk Group of Companies is dedicated to achievement, your achievement.


After 8 years as a high volume mortgage broker, Richard Moxley finally had enough of watching the Average Joe being forced to pay thousands in excess rates and fees, all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. After spending years studying thousands of credit reports and working directly with Canadian banks he wrote the best-selling book, The Nine Rules of Credit – How to Start, Rebuild, and Always Maintain Great Credit. Due to demand, Richard started a company called “eCredit Fix” in 2012, which allows him to focus full-time on his passion which is helping Canadians fix, understand, and improve their credit. Richard Moxley is married, has four children, and lives in Calgary, AB.



- Multi-awarded licensed mortgage professional for the past 8 years and have been ranked in the top 5% across Canada.

She is experienced with first time home buyers, purchases, refinances, equity take out, debt consolidation, commercial financing and credit counselling. She is extremely knowledgeable in the conveyancing procedure whether it is residential or commercial. She is a Commissioner for Oaths and have been ranked in the top 5% of the mortgage industry for the past several years.

Honors & Awards:

2014 Broker of the Year
2014 Summit Club
2013 Summit Club
2012 Summit Club
2011 Broker of the Year
2011 Summit Club
2010 Summit Club
Additional Honors & Awards

2010 Chamber of Commerce Service Excellence


1. Shawn Shewchuk - The #1 Results Coach in the Country & Author of the best selling book,
"Change Your Mind", Change Your Results - #1 Proven Success Strategies

Topic: Treating real estate like a business
- Learn how to start your real estate business off right
- Marketing automation
- How to run your business profitably

2. Richard Moxley - Credit Expert, Mentor, Public Speaker, Author- "The Nine Rules of Credit"

Topic: 9 Rules of Credit
- How to get Free copies of your credit reports of both your Equifax and TransUnion reports
- Learn how the credit system works – Also known as “Credit Ball”
- What is most important to the banks and lenders
- Learn the 9 Rules of Credit and why each one is essential to know
- Tons of “insider secrets” credit tips and tricks that will save you thousands of dollars
- Additional resources and services to remove errors/fraud from credit reports and increase the
credit score quickly

3. Laura Sawatzky - Multi-awarded licensed mortgage professional for the past 8 years and have been ranked in the top 5% across Canada

Topic: Mortgage Financing for the Real Estate Investor.


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