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Emotions: How to get the most out of the next 2 days with Mark Frentz

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Mark Frentz
Mark Frentz has a master's degree in psychology and has helped hundreds of people do things they never thought possible from getting rid of addictions and overcoming phobias to reaching their full potential and becoming financially free or owning multiple income properties. He is a results coach and often tells others: "Tell me what you want and I'll help you get it". Mark's favorite area of study is neuroscience and how the brain works to create and/or change habits that affect your motivation and behavior.

Mark has invested in real estate since the age of 19 and focuses his energies on JV partnerships. He is passionate about Real Estate. He believes that through real estate true win-win situations can be negotiated every day and I desire to help in that process. I own real estate and enjoy helping others get involved in this investment in order to educate them on how good it will be for their families if they set up the investments properly. Connect hopeful buyers who have struggling credit with investors looking for a good return and a chance to help. I also provide options for families who are being foreclosed upon or own a home and have extra
money who desire more than 2-3% return on their cash. He is the owner of Akera Housing Solutions.

How to get the most out of this seminar. He will focus on emotions and how they can hold us back, but also how they can move us forward in our goals. How people get stuck and how to move past hurdles as they pay attention to all the speakers and content.

He will teach us practical ways to work toward every attendee's success in real estate specifically looking at how our subconscious mind can help in the process


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