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Finding Money for your Real Estate Deals

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Madeleine Ficaccio
Madeleine Ficaccio is an elite Real Estate Investor with assets across Alberta and the United States. In the past, she specialized in FORECLOSURES AND UNDERVALUED PROPERTY mainly selling to other investors. She is extremely creative and ABSOLUTELY LOVES what she does… as you will soon see.

Madeleine has been running a very successful Mentorship Program over the last few years and is starting another one in October! She is a Member with Canada REIC and helps train for Canada REIC on the VIP webinars as well as other seminars. She is also a long standing Member of the Real Estate Investment Network and has won several awards such as Top Ten Alberta South (over a 3 year period), Top Player (2010), Diamond Award and her husband, Dan, has won Renovator of the Year
Do you have a great deal presenting itself but you lack funds for it? Do you have funds and you need a little more extra? Are you a newby Investor and just needs the extra fund to start working on a good investment opportunity?

Register now and Learn the many ways you can get Funds! Madeleine Ficaccio is a very successful Real Estate Investor and Mentor and she is willing to share her knowledge on how to find Money for your Real Estate Deals!

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