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From Generation to Generation! Young Age ? Who Cares!!!

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Quinn Rempel
Quinn Grew up in a family of 6, with a father as a contractor he moved from one town to the next and learned the art of adapting. Starting on the construction job site at a young age he was taught the values of hard work, quality craftsmanship, and the importance of doing the job right the first time.

One of his earliest passions as many young Canadians was the love for the game of hockey. Once he reached the age of 18 he left for Thunder Bay Ontario to continue playing hockey at a junior level, to support his passion he worked full time as a carpenter throughout the season.

Time came to find a new desire so at the age of 21 Quinn and His brother started a prospering construction company and the following year he took full possession of the company and continued work as a contractor for years after that. With his expertise in home building and its process he has acquired a firm understanding of a homes value and can provide you with a deeper understanding of its worth.

Quinn is a believer in doing right by others and finding the best options to create the a Progressive Real Estate Solution for you.

From Generation to Generation! Young Age? Who Cares!!!

Quin Rempel interviewed by Jarek Bucholc 

Quinn will share his Real Estate journey: the challenges & pitfalls he encountered & how he overcame it, the strategy that works best for him, how he markets for more leads/ deals & tips he can share to those wanting to be a part of real estate community.


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