3 Secrets to Uncovering Under Market Value Deals and Trouble-Free Tenants that Stay!

  • Teacher: Jarek Bucholc ||Street Smart RE Investing
  • Released: 08/12/2016 02:48:48
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3 Secrets to Uncovering Under Market Value Deals and Trouble-Free Tenants that Stay!


Do you look around your area frustrated by the lack of good deals? Do you advertise for tenants only to find you’re not attracting the ones you’d like? There are three simple little things you can do to fix both of these issues quickly, easily and for next to no cost at all. In this call, Julie is going to share: • The marketing secrets she and her husband Dave Peniuk have used this year to uncover a handful of deals with at least $25,000 in equity in the property on day 1. That’s not after their repaired value – that is the day they closed on these properties their purchase price was at least $25,000 less than the appraised value thanks to these techniques. • How they figure out BEFORE they buy a property if there will be a waiting group of great tenants hungry for their property. • Whether the little Yellow Letter Marketing campaign is worth your time and effort – their results from sending out 7,000 little yellow letters in the last 12 months. This call is going to be jam packed with tips you can begin applying in your real estate businesses immediately – for little to no cost at all – and big equity building and rent generating results!


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Jarek Bucholc ||Street Smart RE Investing

Jarek is the founder of Canada Real Estate Investors Club.

His goal is to build the biggest real estate club in Canada.
Jarek envisioned a community of investors that was run by investors for investors, regardless of their level of expertise or success.
A place where people could ask questions and get the hands on support needed to get started and succeed in real estate.
Members could share their success and failure stories as well as provide up to date information as to what was happening in the industry.

He opened the doors of Canada REIC in November of 2007. Canada REIC was designed from day one to be about investors helping investors.
Its mission was to provide a fun and interesting way to help real estate investors grow in their professional and personal development. 

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3 Secrets to Uncovering Under Market Value Deals and Trouble-Free Tenants that Stay!
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