Take responsibility for your results

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Take responsibility for your results


Mark Frentz interviewed by Jarek Bucholc
There are many skills that separate great investors from those who simply dabble with real estate for a bit and then move on. One of the most important is learning to take responsibility for what is in your control and not taking any for what is out of your control.
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Mark Frentz

I am passionate about Real Estate. I believe that through real estate true win-win situations can be negotiated every day and I desire to help in that process. I own real estate and enjoy helping others get involved in this investment in order to educate them on how good it will be for their families if they set up the investments properly.

Connect hopeful buyers who have struggling credit with investors looking for a good return and a chance to help. I also provide options for families who are being foreclosed upon or own a home and have extra money who desire more than 2-3% return on their cash.

He is the owner of Akera Housing Solutions.

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Take responsibility for your results
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