Introducing Wealth in Real Estate Building Blocks - Where to Start – The Why!

  • Teacher: Claire Drage
  • Released: 07/07/2017 23:57:10
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Introducing Wealth in Real Estate Building Blocks - Where to Start – The Why!


During this session learn about the three Wealth Building Blocks and their specific acquisition, exit and wealth building strategies in real estate. We will go in-depth on the time required for each strategy along with knowledge, experience and power team members needed. Find out what strategy best suits you, your time commitment and personality, and how to develop a 30 Day Business Activity Plan to get started on the right path to success.


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Claire Drage

Claire was recognized as Reader's Choice Mortgage Broker of the Year 2014. She is the CEO & President of The Lion’s Share Group. A company created to share her methodology and experience with other mortgage brokers in her industry.

Her primary goal & focus is to Provide the right options, advice and education and tell investors what they need to hear not what they want to hear to make smart and profitable property acquisitions. She has over 14 years of experience in the finance industry from both perspectives – as a Broker and a Lender.She is a very successful Mortgage Broker in Ontario, not only ranked in the top 1% nationally but with her own team of Mortgage Agents as well.

Two thirds of Claire’s clients are Real estate investors and this has become a clear niche area and she is an expert in her field. So much so that she teaches other mortgage agents across Canada on how to work with, finance and grow investor portfolios with the right financing and investment strategic plan. She is a frequent speaker at her own industry events as well as those for Real estate investors – for financing both international and national Real estate acquisitions. She was a finalist in the Real estate Wealth Top Investor Broker of the Year for 2013, and was extremely proud to see two of her clients win the award for Rookie Investor of the Year and Investor of the Year.

Her vast experience in financing investment properties as well as her focus on sharing and educating both new investors and even other mortgage brokers, truly sets her apart. “Providing the right options, advice and education and telling investors “what they need to hear not what they want to hear” so they make smart and profitable property acquisitions is my primary goal and focus” As a result of this philosophy she is sought after as a mortgage broker of choice on any power team.

Claire has a very entrepreneurial spirit and a sense for adventure and new experiences. She was born in England but this spirit led her to live in Tenerife, Canary Islands for twelve years before moving to Canada in 1998 and becoming a successful Mortgage Broker in Calgary and Ontario. While in Tenerife she owned a large Real estate and property management company.

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Introducing Wealth in Real Estate Building Blocks - Where to Start – The Why!
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