Shelley Hagen

I have been a full time real estate investor since 2001. I started my real estate investing career with mybusiness partner Carol McConnachie in Regina, Saskatchewan and soon expanded to other provinces. Our motto was ‘Go Big or Go Home’. As a result we purchased 96 units in their first year and have never looked back from there. Since then I have been involved in real estate transactions in a number of provinces, as well as the United States. After living in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, we became familiar with procedures on real estate acquisition in those states and completed a variety of different real estate transactions. I have invested in Buy-Rent-Hold, Buy-Fix-Sell, Lease Options, Wholesale, Discount Notes, Foreclosures, Land Development and Commercial properties and is well versed in many facets of real estate finance and contract law.
I am passionate about helping others grow their businesses as well, through mentoring and coaching programs that I provide. I have worked with hundreds of people to build businesses in Canada and in the United States. I look forward to opportunities to work with others to help them become successful as well.

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