Investing in US ? Want to know how ?

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  • Released: 01/15/2019 20:26:08
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Investing in US ? Want to know how ?


Thinking to invest in USA properties? We will educate you and help to make your investments wisely.

Are you happy with how your investments are performing?
Are you open to learning something new that you might not have thought of?
Especially if it could compliment, add diversification or even replace what your current wealth building and retirement savings plan?

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Cal Ewing

Cal has been investing in U.S. real estate since 2009 when he bought his first investment property in Las Vegas while completing a Geology at the University of Calgary, where he would explain to his classmates that he was working on a way out of a career in Oil and Gas before it had even started. Cal has now retired from the oil and gas industry to focus full-time on his Houston-based real estate investment business Karma Property Solutions. In the two years that he has been working in real estate full-time, Cal has completed 25+ real estate deals, all in the Houston market.

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Investing in US ? Want to know how ?
Free for members of your group