Rent To Own

HOS Financial, or also known as Home Owner Soon, is a lease purchase company servicing the entire mortgage industry across Canada as a sub-prime lender. We are fully compliant with current rent to own rules from CMHC, Genworth and Canada Guaranty and every file is underwritten with bank mortgage rules that allow for lower risk, and highest possibility of exit and success. We specialize in rescue re-finance as well as purchase deals with more than 500 homes transacted since the company started in 2006. We are the first rent to own company to be accepted into CAROP (Canadian Association of Rent To Own Professional) as Gold member status. We are searching for ethical social responsible investors that would like to help fellow Canadian families save or help them towards home ownership while earning a high return and secured by real estate. You can visit us at HOS Investors for more information about how to invest and to get onto our investor database for weekly investments.

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