Second mortgage in Calgary – $243/mo CASHFLOW

If you leave money in the bank at 2% you will double your money in 36 years.

If you will lend money at 18%, you will double your money in 4 years.

Which one do you like the most?


Look at this great opportunity (Second mortgage), You can make money TAX FREE, using your TFSA.


Private lender wanted:

Second mortgage Required – $16,200
Property located in Calgary, AB

Property appraised at $324,000
LTV – 85%.
Interest 18%
Term – 1 year


Contact me at 587-707-5546 or [email protected] for detailed story and full due diligence package.

If this is deal is BIG or SMALL for you?
Please click HERE and put your own criteria. I will contact you if the deal with your criteria hit my desk.

Konstantin Kuligin – your monthly CASHFLOW provider


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