VIP Creative webinar – November 22, 2011 -Shelley Hagen

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Do you love what Real Estate has to offer…but can’t seem to find creative way to structure your deal?  You are NOT alone, as this is a common problem for most Real Estate Investors.

Do you love Real Estate,…  but struggling with finding deals, analyzing then, finding the best In and Exit strategies?  

If you have just answered YES to one or both questions, you will NOT want to miss out on these upcoming webinars.

CanadaREIC is pleased to announce a webinars with Real Estate Investors and Educators. They have been investing for many years. Since starting on their Real Estate Investing journey they have transacted on hundreds of properties, and he has been able to accomplish this amazing feat by using little of his own money or credit!  Learn from the best in Canadian Real Estate Market

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