Work with Mortgage Brokers – Why, How and Who? w/ Claire Drage

Why should you consider adding a Mortgage Broker to your Power Team of trusted advisers to assist you with your Real Estate Investment Growth Plans and Financing?   How and what should they do for you?  Who should you select and how do you pick the right one for you?

Having access to cash (yours and someone elses!) and affordable financing is key to the successful growth and prosperity of your real estate investment
portfolio.  Not only does the right financing provide you with the income and return on your capital that you deserve and expect but it can provide you the chance to take advantage of an investment opportunity that comes your way at any time.  Knowing with certainty that you have financing available in your back pocket puts you in a much stronger negotiating position, sets you apart from other investor entrepreneurs, and also provides the confidence to make further property acquisitions or joint venture partnerships when you want to.  Getting the right financing, and an endless supply of it if you need it, is key but having the right financing expert on your Power Team is extremely important.   In fact, selecting the wrong one now can create limitations to your financing options in the future.

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